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Center for Kidney Research and Therapeutics

The Center for Kidney Research and Therapeutics’ vision is to leverage partnership between innovative researchers, dedicated physicians and committed patients to develop a pipeline of cutting-edge and personalized therapeutics for kidney diseases, and for comorbidities developed as a consequence of reduced kidney function and/or dialysis treatments. This new center is part of the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute and directed by Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD.

Our Work

Our vision will be realized through four kidney Research and Therapeutics (R&T) initiatives.

R&T for Kidney Disease Prevention

We will develop novel therapeutics directly targeting underlying disease pathogenesis of kidney glomerular and tubular diseases. Our work in this area will also look to intercept the process of progression from chronic kidney disease to end stage renal disease.

R&T for Treatment of Consequences of Reduced Kidney Function

The goal of this initiative is to identify novel therapeutic targets to address the pathogenesis of complications of reduced kidney function, which include disordered bone and mineral metabolism, iron deficiency, anemia, metabolic acidosis, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

R&T for Kidney Replacement

Our goal is to develop and implement comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and personalized therapeutic modalities for renal replacement, vascular access, and kidney transplantation with improved therapeutic efficacy and patient outcome.

R&T for Kidney Regeneration

Through this initiative, we will develop and implement cell regenerative therapies for treating acute kidney injury and organ regenerative therapies for replacing end organ damage.

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Job Opportunities

Our center has postdoctoral opportunities available. See the FCVRI Careers page for more information.

Funding Opportunities

Our center has research funding opportunities available. See the Office for Research page for more information.

2017 P&F Awardees

Paul DeCaen, PhD "The impact of ADPKD-causing variants on PKD2 ion channels of the primary cilia"

Jennie Lin, MD "Reviving the Heart of Lipoprotein(a)'s Role in Chronic Kidney Disease: Pilot Studies to Evaluate Potential for Therapeutic Targeting"

Anand Srivastava, MD, MPH "Detection of Kidney Fibrosis and Microvascular Sclerosis using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound"